BENGLENAN is a small in-home cattery owned by Glennis and Hans Plas located in Albury on the border of NSW and Victoria. It is continuously striving to improve the standards of the Bengal and produce cats with distinctive leopard markings and glittered pelts, that are well-adjusted, socialised and have outgoing, affectionate personalities.

Like all reputable Bengal breeders we aim to selectively produce quality Bengal kittens, which will develop into the very finest examples of domestic Bengal cats, displaying the stunning visual features of the Asian Leopard Cat.

Not being prolific breeders we only have a small number of litters a year and usually have a waiting list. We sell Bengal kittens primarily as pets and breeder/show quality when they are of the highest Bengal quality standard and likely to further enhance the Bengal cat breed.

All kittens are born and raised in our house with strict attention to hygiene, health and the well-being of our 'pet family' at all times, receiving only the very best in nutrition and veterinary care.

As a breeder it is hard not to develop a strong emotional attachment as we see our kittens develop into friendly and loving companions with their own unique characteristics. All kittens are given much love and individual attention to ensure a smooth transition to their new home. We offer help and support to new kitten owners and love to receive regular updates and photographs of our kittens as they grow and mature into beautiful Bengal cats.

We bought our first Bengal, a brown, spotted female in 2004, from Bengarlis Bengals. Our sincere thanks to Phil McDonald for his invaluable help as our mentor, for teaching us so much about this magnificent breed and for his support and encouragement throughout our journey into the world of breeding the Bengal!

If you like the look of the wild, along with an intelligent and unique character, then the Bengal cat is for you!

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